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What is a UV resin 3d printer and what is it work for? Most people might be aware of fused deposition modeling (FDM) technology, It can be said the most well-known 3d printer technology right now. If you want to start learning about 3d printing. FDM technology will be a good choice. But speaking of molding utility, DLP technology is more complex and more adaptable for the dental or Jewelry mold. Resin 3d printing is known for its great ability to achieve very nice, highly detailed parts, all thanks to a technology called vat polymerization.What is vat polymerization technology? DLP...

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Over the past few years, a variety of water-washable resins have been introduced in the market to make resin printing more consumer-friendly. But what are the advantages of these water wash resins and how do they compare to other resins? Pros of Water Washable Resin Can be washed in water and doesn’t need isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or other cleaning solutions Cleaning any resin spills is a lot easier Can be used in ultrasonic cleaners and leaves no odor or steam Cons of Water Washable Resin Take a longer time to dry off Trapped water in prints can cause over-curing, cracks...

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When we bought the Resin 3D printer, we found that the printed model was different from what we imagined. Many people may think that the machine is a problem. In fact, in addition to the machine problem, there are also operations that will affect the model. Let’s talk about some influencing factors outside the machine. 1. Modeling, leading to STL data In the case of using 3D modeling software, it can be saved or exported to STL format. If you don’t understand how to export to STL format, you can search for STL format on Baidu, usually online Tutorial. 2....

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