🚛If I purchase a product from your store,where the products will be ship from?

We have Poland/Germany/France/Czech/Belgium Warehouses,normally, your order will be directly dispatched from the warehouse near by your location. Occasionally, if the warehouse near by you run out of inventory, we will ship your parcel directly from China to fulfill your order.

🚛Can I change the delivery address of my package after it has been shipped out?
Unfortunately, we cannot change the shipment once the product is shipped.But if your order have not shipped,Customers can contact to change the delivery address before we ship out the order

🚛How can I track my order?

When your order is confirmed, it will move through our order system and to the warehouse dispatch to be processed and pick your order.
Once our warehouse team has picked your order and organized the dispatch you'll receive an automatic email. This email will contain your tracking link and tracking number.

🚛How much does shipping cost?

EU Countries are free shipping and tax. But Express companies (DHL, GLS, etc.) delimit different areas as remote areas based on their standard. So we do not know whether your address is a remote area before we get your address information. Customers will need to pay for remote area fees if ship to a remote area.

shipping info

🚛What are the logistics channels in Europe?

Normally, the logistics channel is DHL, GLS, etc. We will update the logistics information 3-5 days after the package were sent.

🚛After I purchased the item, how long will I receive my package?

Normally, if your order is directly dispatched from the local warehouse, after 4-12 business days you will receive it. 

🚛I did not recieve my parcel. What should I do?

Check the delivery status of your parcel using the online Track & Trace application. Enter the parcel number provided by the order. If you still do not know the advice, you can contact our customer service via

🚛My question is not included here. Where can I get more information?

Simply email us via



In order to optimize your shopping experience on this platform, please be aware of and understand all terms included in this condition. By placing an order, you agree to these terms by default.

1.Contact Info


2)Messanger(online service): click here
*office hour:
PST : 18:00PM - 4:00AM
Beijing Time(PST +8): 9:00 AM - 19:00PM
GMT:  02:00Am - 12:00Am

3)Please contact Customer Care directly if there is a before/after-sale problem, we will resolve your request as soon as possible.

2. Before-sale

1)Purchasing Method

You can place an order directly in this platform.
You can contact our customer serivice for initiating exclusive order and bulk purchase order.

2)Shopping Tips

2.1) Placing Order
-1 By filling out your shipping address, you accept shipping service to be performed by a qualified third-party logistics service provider by default. 
-2 The user must confirm the accuracy and authenticity of the oderer&recipient information. The platform is not liable for refunding the order or failure of delivery caused by inconsistency of order information, payment information, and recipient information.
-3 Some products sold on the platform are not suitable for return, and the no-reason return policy is not applicable. The platform will mark the description on the corresponding product pages. Please read the product description on the product page carefully before placing an order and confirm it.
-4 After adding the product bundles to the cart, you can view the whole combination of products included in the bundle. Some bundles and coupons are not applicable, and the specific information on the product page shall prevail.

2.2) Cancel an order
-1 Order payment is valid for 24 hours. The platform will automatically close if the order is not paid over time. There is no need to cancel manually.
-2 After the order is paid successfully, you may apply for a refund when the refund button appears in the order. Our customer service group will try to refund you after clicking, but there is no guarantee that the refund application will be approved. If there is no refund button, please contact online customer service to confirm the order status.
-3 After the order has been successfully canceled, the refund will be sent within 1-3 working days which varies for different countries and regions!

2.3) Product version and packaging
-1 Due to the brand's update of the packaging or the upgrade of the packaged products, the products will be delivered alternately with new and old packaging. Please refer to the actual receipt of the product. Product pictures and detail pages are for reference only.
-2 All products are shipped in original packaging. Some products may advocate the concept of environmental protection. This means there is a possibility that the original packaging is simple or there is no exquisite gift box packaging or exquisite handbag. The platform does not accept return requests for the above reasons.

2.4) Shipping and logistic service
-1 The platform will initiate the shipment 1~2 days after the payment is successful. In case of major promotional activities, the shipping may be delayed by 1-5 days. In case of shipping restrictions caused by uncontrollable circumstances (natural disasters, epidemic prevention, and control), your package may be delayed in delivery. 【Excluding pre-orders】
-2 Please inspect the package upon delivery. If it’s damaged or deformed, do not sign the delivery or open the package. In such cases, please contact our customer service group. Once you signs for the item, The platform will consider this your acceptance of the package, quantity, and product. To protect your rights, you are highly recommended to shoot a complete unboxing video and check the items according to the packing list. If items are missing or damaged, please contact our customer service group within 48 hours after you receive the package so that we can resolve the problem immediately.

2.5) Out of stock
In the case that some goods are defective and there is no other stock to replace, we will do a quality assesment before delivery. In order to ensure the quality, we will turn on the out-of-stock option for some products. For out-of-stock items, the platform will issue a refund to paid orders.

2.6) Invoice
If customer need an invoice, please include your request in "Order instructions" when placing the order. We will send the invoice to your email.

3. Additional Instruction

3.1) The platform launches discount activities from time to time, but there is no lowest-price guarantee and price-difference refund service. The platform reserves the right to adjust the price of goods. For details, pay attention to our pricing and read our pricing terms.
3.2) The platform provides selections in "ship from" list to ensure timely and effective after-sales service. When purchasing mutiple t is recommended that you choose the same warehouse for a single order, or place an order separately.
3.3) Customers under the age of 14 should make purchases under the cooperation/authorization of their guardian.
3.4) Liquid/other products with a remaining validity period of more than 4 months are not expired products which belong to the normal validity period products, do not affect the normal use of the products, and do not belong to quality problems. 【The above-mentioned "clsoe to expiration products" will be marked on the platform when they are sold. Please be aware before purchase. The platform does not support the return application for the reason of the "close to expiration" of the goods. 】
3.5) All products on the platform are genuine and will only be put on the shelves under the condition of brand authorization and product certification. If there are issues such as product infringement, we will hold the brand accountable and remove the product from the shelves and follow up on after-sales solutions.

4. Blacklisting

You will be deemed to have malicious purchases if perform any of the following circumstance.
(1) Purchasing goods for purposes other than personal consumption or resell our unused products in bulk without authorization.
(2) After purchasing the goods, maliciously applying for refunds without justifiable reasons, or exceeding normal trading habits, refusing to accept goods(not damaged), refusing to accept after-sale services, or frequently making unreasonable after-sales requirements such as returns and exchanges.
(3) The total number of items purchased with different accounts is ≥10.
(4) Returning the goods by fraudulent means, such as returning product which inconsist of the order, providing false certificates, etc.
(5) In the case of unavoidable mislabeling of product prices, the number of such commodities you have purchased is ≥10.
(6) The same user repeatedly participates in promotional activities ("same user" refers to users who use the same account, the same mobile phone number, the same device, the same ID card, the same payment account number, or the same delivery address, etc., any one or more of them If there is the same, similar, deceptive and effective, association through a specific clue, or the platform is reasonable to believe that there is an association to the same user).
Once the above malicious purchase behavior is been found, the platform has the right to take corresponding measures, including but not limited to suspending shipments, canceling orders, intercepting orders that have already been shipped, restricting part or all of the account's authority, and banning the account. "