Water Washable Resin VS Standard Resin – Which is Better?

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Water Washable Resin VS Standard Resin – Which is Better?

Over the past few years, a variety of water-washable resins have been introduced in the market to make resin printing more consumer-friendly. But what are the advantages of these water wash resins and how do they compare to other resins?

Water washable uv resin

Pros of Water Washable Resin

  1. Can be washed in water and doesn’t need isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or other cleaning solutions
  2. Cleaning any resin spills is a lot easier
  3. Can be used in ultrasonic cleaners and leaves no odor or steam

Cons of Water Washable Resin

  1. Take a longer time to dry off
  2. Trapped water in prints can cause over-curing, cracks and layer splitting
  3. The price is more expensive than standard resin

Pros of Standard Resin

  1. Produces durable prints
  2. Requires little time to dry off after cleaning
  3. Resin is more affordable

Cons of Standard Resin

  1. Requires extra chemical solutions for cleaning prints which can be slightly costly
  2. Spill is difficult to clean up because it doesn't dissolve well


The price difference between standard resins and water-washed resins is not that big. You can find a 1kg standard resin for about 22€, and water-washed resin for about 29€

Since water-washed resins are washed with water, they may take more time to dry than regular resins that use IPA as a cleaner, as IPA dries faster than water. Prints may crack or leave marks if they are not properly dried before curing.


What is the Best Water Washable Resin?

Creality Water Washable Resin

One of the best water washable resin that you may want to get for yourself is the Creality Water Washable Resin. They are available in White/Gray/Black colors.


The Advanges of Creality Water Washable Resin:

Fast Curing and Excellent Fluidity

High Precision and Low Shrinkage

Wide Applications(compatible with most DLP/LCD resin printers)

Low viscosity

Low odor


Smooth finish