Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D Scanner

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Creality CR-Scan Ferret 3D Scanner Features | 2023 New Arrivals

The Most Affordable Choice Ever
Compared to similar scanners, Ferret is priced significantly lower, while still delivering excellent scanning performance. It is the best choice for you to create a masterpiece!

Compact Design
It's much smaller and lighter than similar scanners on the market. Weighing only 105 grams, which can be held with one hand and taken anywhere.

Larger Capturing – Dual mode scanning
It comes with two different scanning modes, which are wide-range scanning and a high-accuracy mode. The two modes can be switched based on user needs.

Faster and Smoother Scanning
Built with ASIC deep computing chips, it delivers deep processing for megapixel images at 60 frames per second, and the processing speed is more than ten times that of general chips; the scanning rate is up to 30fps, allowing it to obtain 3D point cloud more quickly and thus greatly improves the scanning fluency.

Built-in Camera Brings Authentic Colors
Built-in high resolution color camera captures full-color textures for 3D models, shows the original color of the object, and brings unparalleled scanning results.

Scanning Master in Your Hand
Portable and easy to operate, it comes with a stand that can be used in handheld or turntable modes; compatible with computers and phones, so versatile that you'll be pleased to have one.

Scan in Bright Sunlight
Engineered with advanced optical technology and an intelligent algorithm, Ferret has higher environmental adaptability and maintains excellent performance even in bright sunlight.

Flexible Charging, Enjoyable Scanning
Low power consumption so it can be powered by a 5V power bank, and even your android phone. Start scanning at any time.



CR-Scan Ferret 3D Scanner

Product Name: CR-Scan Ferret
Accuracy: 0.1mm
Resolution/Point Distance: 0.16mm
Single capture range: 560*820mm@700mm
Working Distance: 150~700mm
Minimum Scanning: 50*50*50mm
Frame Rate/Scan Speed: up to 30 fps
Light Source: NIR
Outdoor Scanning: Support Scanning in Bright Sunlight
Tracking Mode: Visual Tracking
Color Texture: Support
Alignment: feature/marker/color
Output Format: OBJ / STL / PLY
Machine Weight: 105g
Machine Size: 120*30*26mm
Compatible System: Android / Win 10/11 (64-bit) / Mac OS
Connection: USB 3.0/2.0

Creality has developed a special Scan APP and software to cooperate with CR-Scan Ferret. With user-friendly functions such as one-click model optimization, multi-position automatic alignment, automatic noise removal, simplified topology and color texture mapping, users can easily achieve a clear scan and complete the model. 

Parameter CR Scan 01 CR Scan Lizard CR Scan Ferret
Scanning environment indoor/outdoor indoor/outdoor indoor/outdoor
Scan speed 10fps 10fps Up to 30fps
Dual Mode scanning No No Yes
Single Capture range 536*378mm 200*100mm 560mm x 820mm@700mm
120mm x120mm@150mm
Working distance 400-900mm 150-400mm 150-700mm
Accuracy 0.1mm 0.05mm 0.1mm
Point distance/Resolution 0.5mm 0.1-0.2mm 0.16mm
Scanner weight 1500g 370g 105g
Scanner dimensions 295×185×90mm 155×84×46mm 120×30×26mm
Operating Systems Windows Yes Yes Yes
Mac OS Yes Yes Yes (Until June 2023)
Android No No Yes
iPhone iOS No No No
Minimum scanning 200x200x200mm 15×15×15mm 50×50×50mm
Power supply 12V3A  12V3A DC 5V 1A
Connection USB3.0  USB2.0 USB3.0/2.0
Color scan Yes extended Yes
Black objects scanning No Yes Yes
Alignment feature/marker feature/marker feature/marker/color
Visual Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Light source LED NIR LD NIR LD

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